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benefits of whole house cooling
Product Information - The Benefits Of The QuietCool Whole House Fan System. (note video shows the fans installed with the round retro-style grilles. The QC fans now have the square grilles.)

More On Whole House Fans... Whole house fans consist of a multi-fan system of high volume fans that are installed in your home's attic or on the roof (if you don't have an attic) to cool and ventilate your entire home using the natural fresh outside air. Whole house fan are most effective during the early evening and nighttime hours and can save you money by cutting down on your ac usage.

Watch To Learn More About The QuietCool Fan System
High Electric Bills? Upstairs Too Hot At Night? Get The QuietCool System!

QuietCool Fans Can Cut Your Air Conditioner Cost 50%-­-90%!

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