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QC Fans Are Tile 24 Compliant and Come With A 10 Year Warranty QuietCool Whole House Fans are listed in the CEC (CA Energy Commission) Directory for Title 24 compliance and come with an industry best, 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Title 24 requires that all residential construction in seven of California's sixteen climate zones will require the installation of a whole house fan.

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All QuietCool Whole House Fans are Title 24 compliant!

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About Title 24 and Whole House Fans
Title 24 requirements took effect on July lst, 2014, with the goal of offering builders better ventilation systems and other products that reduce energy consumption in homes. One key area of improvement is in the area of home cooling and whole house fans. Whole house fans are installed in an attic and designed to cool and ventilate both the home's living area and attic space by pulling in cool evening air through an opened window and pushing the hot air out of the attic vents. This method of moving air, cools a home and helps to reduce the need for expensive air conditioning.

Title 24 now requires that single family homes built in climate zones 8 thru 14 in California are required to install whole house fans for home ventilation and cooling. When required, whole house fans must meet the below listed requirements:

Title 24 whole house fan requirements: 1. Have installed one or more whole house fans whose total Air Flow or CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) as listed in the California Energy Commission Directory is at least a minimum of 2 CFM/square foot of conditioned floor area; and

2. Have at least one square foot of attic vent free area for each 375 CFM of rated whole house fan Air Flow CFM; and

3. Provide homeowners who have whole house fans with a one page “How to operate your whole house fan” information sheet.

Additionally, the law requires that when a whole house fan is required, only whole house fans that are listed in the CEC (California Energy Commission) Appliance Efficiency Directory may be installed (yes, QuietCool fans are listed).

Title 24 Source:  Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

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