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Brushless Motor Garage Fans - We believe that the garage fan market is saturated with many makes and models of attic and garage fans which makes it confusing to buyers.

Our goal is to configured a system of fans that when installed by itself or in combination with the QuietCool whole house fans, will meet the needs of all home ventilation requirements.

The QuietCool brand of "Garage," "Attic," and "Garage/Attic" fans all use the NEW AC/DC motors that provide for amazing energy efficiency & power.

Order your QuietCool fans today! By using the QC attic fan, garage line, and the quiet whole house fans, we can meet your ventilation needs and that the same time you can use less energy usage, save money and improve your comfort.

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QuietCool Garage Fan

QC GA ES-1500 and GX ES-1100 Garage Fan
Now Using Energy Saving Motors
Models: GA ES-1500 For Garages With Attic Space, GX ES-1100 Mounts On Exterior Garage Wall

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GA ES-1500 Garage Fan
GX ES-1100

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