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Features and Benefits of a QuietCool System?
Feature - Cools whole house up to 30 degrees and cools attic up to 50 degrees

Benefit - Cuts Air Conditioner costs by 50% to 90%* and reduces Air Conditioner wear and maintenance

Feature - Exchanges the air in the entire house 15 to 20 times per hour

Benefit - Brings in fresh air and can help to control mold, mildew and smoke. May help to reduce airborne sickness

Feature - Works to exhausts cooking, pet, smoke and other bad odors

Benefit - Provides an odor free home

Feature - Whisper quiet operation

Benefit - Allows for sleeping, talking, or watching television without noise annoying noise (as in a traditional belt drive whole house fan

Feature - Mix and match the perfect custom system for any size home

Benefit - Control your total whole house fan investment costs

Feature - The most energy efficient whole house fans on the market!

Benefit - Re-pay your initial investment faster than any other green product on the market

Feature - 10 Year QuietCool Manufacturer Warranty**

Benefit - No maintenance or moving parts such as a motorized door to break which equals 10 years of worry free use!

Feature - A complete self contained whole house fan in a box

Benefit - Simple do-it-yourself installation or get professional installation***

Feature - No joist framing or structural incursion to the ceiling or attic

Benefit - No permits required

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Installation Instructions and Downloads

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Size A Whole House Fan

The cool breeze starts when you turn on your fans and open a window or two. The cooler outside air will immediately begin to create a breeze inside the home making the homeowner feel up to 10 degrees cooler, instantly. QuietCool fans are to be used anytime the outside air is cooler than the inside air. Never use a whole houe fan and air conditioning at the same time.

Use This Chart To Select The Right Whole House Fans For Your Home: Whole house fans are measured by the amount of air they move which is referred to as "CFM." For proper airflow, a whole house fan system should generate CFM's that are between 2-3 times the sq. footage of the home. For example, a 1,500 sq. foot home should have whole house fans (either a single or combination of fans) that can produce a total of 3,000 to 4,500 CFM.

Here Is Some More Sizing Help: #1 - Single Fan) Do you want a single fan installed in a central location? If yes, refer to the chart in the product specifications link below and choose a "Classic Fan" or "Energy Saver Fan" that has a CFM that is 2-3 times your homes square footage. With a single fan, the total cost of the fan and installation is less expensive compared to a multi-fan system.
#2 - Multiple Fans) If you desire multiple fans, use the same formula (2-3 times your Sq. Footage) and choose a combination of fans by selecting ONE of the larger CFM Fans (QC CL-3100, QC CL-4700, QC CL-4500, QC CL-6400, or ES-2000, ES-2850 QC ES-5400) to be installed in the hallway and select one or more smaller fans (QC-1500, QC-2250, ES-1250, ES-1700) to be installed in each occupied bedroom that has attic space above the ceiling. The benefit of choosing a multi-fan and multi-location installation is that you can enjoy zoned cooling by being able to close your bedroom doors at night as well as the ability to turn individual fans on and off depending on your cooling needs and the outside temperature. The ideal setup is multiple fans wired to a series of wall switches with an electronic timer. Being able to run the QuietCool Fans all night while you sleep is a huge advantage on those hot summer nights, especially in upstairs bedrooms. Other manufacturers will not generally recommend that you place their whole house fans in a bedroom due to the loud noise that they generate.

Either of the above methods will work great as long as the CFM to Square Footage formula is followed. If you still need more help, give us a call!

#3 - Choosing Between The Classic Line vs. Energy Saver Line) All QuietCool fan systems work the same way to obtain the goal of performing high volume air exchanges necessary to achieve thermal mass cooling. The only difference between the two systems is the type of motor used. Also, Classic fan motors (except the QC CL-1500) can be wired for two speeds per motor (HI/Low/Off) for additional functionality. The Energy Saver ES-4700 and ES=5400 are also 2 speed fans.

Homeowners who are looking to buy the least expensive system are encouraged to purchase a system from the Classic line. The systems in the the Classic Line uses a high performance permanent split capacitor type motor that delivers average to above-average energy efficiency.

Homeowners who are looking to buy a system that is the least expensive to operate, in terms of electricity consumption, should purchase a system from the Energy Saver (ES) Line. The systems in the Energy Saver line uses a specially built AC/DC, Brushless motor that allows for the highest energy efficiency.

ECM — aka “electronically commutated motors” — are very durable and energy efficient motors that contain within them an internal rectifier that converts AC current to DC voltage. An ECM motor gains momentum immediately after the system is turned on, it quickly converts from AC to DC which significantly reduces the amount of electricity needed to run the system.

#4 - Attic Venting Venting for your Whole House Fan System)
Whole house fans vent air from the outside, into the house through open windows, into the attic, and out the attic vents to the outside world

In order for a QuietCool system to run efficiently and effectively, there needs to be adequate attic venting to allow the system to pressurize the air outside QuietCool recommends homes have a minimum of 1 square foot of net free vent area (NFVA) for every 750 CFM in the whole house fan system

This minimum recommendation is validated by most third party agencies including the US Department of Energy (DOE) and Pacific Gas and Electrict (PG&E) To calculate the amount of venting needed by fan model, simply divide the CFM specification by 750 This will give you the square footage of NFVA that will be needed Example: (1) QC CL-4700 - 4505/750 = 6 01 NFVA

The venting requirement is not something of concern to most QuietCool purchasers unless the home was built before the mid 1970s Most homes built since mid 1970 will have adequate venting to vent a basic QuietCool system However, for all applications, we encourage contractors and dealers to visually inspect, and if necessary measure, the available venting in any attic in which a QuietCool system is to be installed Inspecting venting is very easy and takes little time.

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