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Quiet Attic Fan That Cools Your attic An attic fan is a attic ventilator style fan that mounts in your attic over your gable vent. An attic fan can reduce your attic temperature and in turn help keep your home cool.

The QuietCool Attic Fan is designed with an energy saving motor that will save money and provide years of attic cooling and ventilation.

An attic fan is not the same as a whole house fan, but when installed in conjunction with our whole house fans, will help to maximize your whole house cooling efficiency by keeping your attic cool.

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attic fan

    Attic Fan
  • Reduces Attic Temperature
  • Uses NEW Energy Saving Brushless Motor
  • Extremely LOW CFM/WATT Rating Average 41 CFM/Watt
  • This Attic Ventilator Fan Is Made in The USA

Attic Fan, QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 plug and play, self adjusting Smart Attic Fan

SALE PRICE: $349.00

The Most Advanced Attic Fan On The Market!

QuietCool Smart Attic Fan: AFG SMT-3.0

• Variable 10-speed ECM motor
• Automatically adjusts fan speed with builtin thermostat, no settings required
• Built-in humidistat to help keep humidity % in the attic under 60%
• This fan can consistently keep the attic cooler than a traditional attic fan
• Up to 2830 CFM on high at 145 watts
• Down to 963 CFM at 15 watts
• Plug-and-play (no wiring)

The QuietCool attic fan, model AFG SMT-3.0 boasts an amazing 41 CFM / watt rating (average over all speeds) and is ranked at the top of the CA Energy Commission charts based on its energy efficiency. This attic fan is one of the best attic fans on the market!

First attic fan with built-in thermostat and humidistat. Cool your overheated attic by up to 30-50 degrees. Prolong the life of your roof and home by preventing mold, moisture, humidity, and excessive heat.

Self adjusts automatically with a 10-speed ECM motor, as low as 15 watts

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attic fan
Attic Fan Installed

NEW! Now Includes a Free Thermostat

Attic Fan, AFG SMT-3.0 Specifications:
QuietCool Attic Fans work almost everywhere, almost anytime. During the summer, an attic can be 40-50 degrees hotter than the outside temperature, which in turn heats up the house very quickly. With an attic fan, you can cool the attic to the same temperature as it is outside, greatly reducing the house from heating as quickly. With the QuietCool Smart Attic Fan, gone are the days of having to adjust the thermostat for your attic fan. Featuring a built-in thermostat and humidistat, the self-adjusting, 10-speed ECM motor is always reading the temperature and humidity in the attic. When the fan detects temperature over 80 degrees, or humidity over 60%, the Smart Attic Fan comes on at the lowest speed. As the attic starts to heat up, the Smart Attic Fan automatically adjusts it’s speed.

With the QuietCool Smart Attic Fan, the attic can stay cooler than it otherwise could with a traditional single-speed attic fan, and will help save you energy by running the fan at a lower speed (thus a lower wattage) when the attic is not as hot.

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